About Title City Barbers

Title City Barbers, home to professional and licensed barbers who cut and style hair for locals and world-renowned sports athletes. Established in 2016 by owner Josh Pereira; Title City Barbers is a modern, comfortable and sports-oriented barbershop providing some of the highest quality haircuts and professionalism within the industry. Over the past few years, Title City Barbers has grown and transformed into the standard in which barbershops operate. Beginning with Title Town Barbershop in Natick Center and Natick Mall, "Title Town" has now evolved into "Title City Barbers". The newest location in Newton opened in December and the upcoming Brookline shop is scheduled to open later this year. Arriving into the new decade, Title City Barbers seeks to continue to grow and provide their vision of highest quality haircuts for more local communities.

Barbers within the Title City family take pride in their exceptional servies ranging from hairstyling, fades, line ups to a comfortable hot towel shave and beard trim. Title City services range from all age groups, ethnicities and styles of hair. Customer service is one of Title City's highest priorities, providing every client with an incredible experience upon completion of their haircut.

Title City Barbers have developed a renowned brand by servicing some of the gratest athletes within the Boston area. Some of the most notable professionals have been New England Patriots football player Kyle Van Noy, Boston Celtics very own Gordon Hayward & Daniel Theis and lastly AS Roma Italian Soccer Leauge players.

About the Owner

Josh Pereira is a Boston-based Master Barber with 15 years experience in the industry. With his exceptional skill-set, Josh serves as the exclusive private master barber to the Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and AS Roma teams and other great athletes over 7 years now. Having partnered with several corporate retailers using his experience as a master barber, Josh has worked with the Art of Shaving and Loccitane en Provence. Josh’s services can be experienced and enjoyed at one of his Title Town Barbershop’s.

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